Luna Vulcan News

  • Cryptocurrency Tax Confusion

      In typical IRS fashion, the tax implementations on investing and trading in cryptocurrency are confusing going into the 2021 tax filing season.  ...
  • Major Update: Project Sibyl

    Sibyl is our very own trading algorithm optimization tool. Our new trading algorithm optimization tool has been paired with a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X allowing us to backtest MILLIONS of algorithm configuration.
  • Lack of Crypto Regulation

    A recent article from the UK pointed out that the majority of cryptocurrency investors did not understand the coins are not regulated.  While on th...
  • Tezos Continues to Gain Acceptance and Increase in Value

    One of the “up and coming” crypto currencies in the world is Tezos.  The platform was created by a husband and wife team from MIT in 2018 and now h...
  • Cryptocurrency: Leverage and Risk

    Is cryptocurrency a store of value, digital gold or a currency? While this question continues to be debated, crypto-exchanges like Kraken and Gemin...
  • Protection from Bitcoin Volatility

    When Elon Musk tweets to buy Dogecoin, Ethereum cracks $4000, and the crypto market goes up almost everyday the investor never needs advice or prot...
  • Mainstream Investors Begin Accepting Bitcoin as a Valuable Asset

    The cryptocurrency market continues to gain in value and acceptance in mainstream investments.  Over the last 6 months, large companies like PayPal...
  • Uncertainty and Education in Cryptocurrency Trading

    In this age of instantaneous information, readily available high-quality tier-one research and little or no transactional fees, few people actually...
  • January 2021 LunaVulcan Update

    At LunaVulcan, we have been hard at work improving our website and the services we offer. Here are a few updates on what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Luna Vulcan News: Tezos Signals Added to Janus Algorithm

    The first of our new releases are signals for the Tezos (XTZ) to USD pairing. Tezos is a blockchain network that stores a decentralized ledger using tez tokens. The Janus algorithm uses a daily timeframe to analyze market data and determine if the market is in an uptrend. 
  • Luna Vulcan News: Product Updates

    At Luna Vulcan, we strive to improve our algorithms to give you the best market analysis data. We've recently made improvements to our Janus algorithm for EOS and Chainlink. These adjustments for the two coins have been made to better improve long run performance of the signals. 
  • Getting Started with Luna Vulcan Alerts

    Our free alerts are a great option to get to know Luna Vulcan Alerts. The SMS and email signals use daily data to analyze if the algorithm has identified an entrance or exit of an uptrend. These alerts happen more frequently compared to the free alerts. Our a le carte alerts allow you to combine free and paid alerts.