Major Update: Project Sibyl

Project Sibyl is here!

What is project Sibyl?

Sibyl is our very own trading algorithm optimization tool. Our new trading algorithm optimization tool has been paired with a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X allowing us to backtest MILLIONS of algorithm configuration. After we compile the back testing result, we then sort through the results to find the most optimal algorithm configuration for each specific cryptocurrency. 

How many configuration are tested?

For the Janus algorithm, we backtest 3,087,000 configurations for each cryptocurrency pair. Since we currently offer 7 cryptocurrency pairs, we have ran over 21,609,000 total backtesting configuration checks.

What does project Sibyl mean for me?

With the implementation of project Sibyl, the trend analysis alerts our customers receive should be more optimal for which ever cryptocurrency pair is selected.

When will the Sibyl update be Implemented?

Since the original Janus algorithm and the optimized versions are currently in the same trend, we went ahead and applied the optimization changes. This means that all Janus algorithms have been updated with their most optimal configuration.

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