Luna Vulcan News: Tezos Signals Added to Janus Algorithm

With the recent volatility in Bitcoin, now is the time for alt coins to shine. Alt coins such as Etereum, Litecoin, and EOS are alternative digital currencies to Bitcoin. These other coins have sharp rises and falls. But, Luna Vulcan is adding more altcoins to navigate the smaller, more turbulent markets.

Over the next four weeks, we will be adding one new coin to the Janus algorithm per week. The first of our new releases are signals for the Tezos (XTZ) to USD pairing. Tezos is a blockchain network that stores a decentralized ledger using tez tokens. The Janus algorithm uses a daily timeframe to analyze market data and determine if the market is in an uptrend. We have applied the Janus algorithm to Tezos to USD pairing. Signal alerts for Tezos can be sent to your email or phone. Like our other offerings, we provide the backtesting data for the Janus algorithm on XTZUSD with Coinbase's price data and the use of the Binance.US fee structure of 0.1% commission per trade.

Below are the result of the XTZUSD Janus algorithm. While the buy and hold strategy show a strong move upwards in August, it does not provide consistent trades as the Janus algorithm does. The Janus algorithm also withstands the fall after the August rally. The Janus algorithm also helps minimize losses with an average of a -4.4% loss on losing trades and maximize profits with an average of 23.70% profits on winning trades. You can improve your trading potential with the XTZUSD Janus signals in your market analysis tool belt.

Past performance is not indicative of future results

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