Getting Started

What you need to start trading cryptocurrencies

One of the best ways of getting started trading crypto currencies is to set up an account at a cryptocurrency exchange. Each exchange offer their own set of features including the number of cryptocurrencies offered on the exchange, the ways of depositing fiat currency (US dollar, Euros, etc), and the trading fees associated with making a trade (Ex. a 0.1% fee is charged for buying Bitcoin with USD on Binance.US).

If you do not already have a platform to trade cryptocurrencies, you will need to decide on a cryptocurrency exchange to use. We recommend picking from one of the following exchanges*:


Exchange Number of Cryptocurrencies Deposit Methods Trading Fees
Coinbase 30+ ACH, Debit card, Wire 1.5% (0.5% CBP)
35+ Etana Custody, Wire 0.26%
Gemini 20+ ACH, Debit card, Wire 1.5% (0.25%  ActiveTrader)
Binance.US 50+ ACH, Debit card, Wire 0.1%


*By clicking on the signup link for any exchange, you are helping support Lunavulcan. We only refer you to these exchanges because we have experience working with all of these reputable exchanges in the past. Choose the platform that best suits your needs.