Luna Vulcan News: Product Updates

At LunaVulcan, we strive to improve our algorithms to give you the best market analysis data. We've recently made improvements to our Janus algorithm for EOS and Chainlink. These adjustments for the two coins have been made to better improve long run performance of the signals. 

EOSUSD Janus v1.1

The improvements for the EOS signals from the Janus algorithm have been adjusted to provide stricter entry points and looser exit points for better performance overtime. The chart below shows the amount of profit over time with a starting investment of $1,000. Each trade shows a completed entry and exit using backtesting data from Coinbase. The EOSUSD Janus version 1.1 consistently outperforms the initial Janus algorithm with an increase of almost $1,000 in profit equity for the last trade. 


LINKUSD Janus v1.1

There were also improvements to the Chainlink signals. The entry points were adjusted to have stricter entry requirements and tighter exit points for improved performance over time. The below chart shows the amount of profits over time with an initial investment of $1,000 on Coinbase for both the improved and original Janus algorithm. The LINKUSD Janus version 1.1 consistently out performs the original algorithm with about a $2,000 increase in price equity in the eighth trade.


Not only is Luna Vulcan dedicated to continuous performance improvements to our signal algorithms, we are also dedicated to transparent backtesting performance. In addition to updating the backtesting data, we will be keeping the previous EOSUSD and LINKUSD backtesting data so that updates can be compared overtime. 

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