Backtesting is part of the core of our algorithms. Using data from past bear and bull markets, we have created algorithms to optimize your trading at any scale. Our algorithms are able to hold up to the bear markets and reduce potential losses compared to simply buying and holding. All of our algorithms have been backtested since the creation of the coins. Click here to learn more. 

Automated Alerts

Alerts from our data analytics algorithms are automated so that you never miss a change in the trend(s). Our automated alerts can be sent your phone or email without worry. You'll be provided with insight on potential market moves allowing you to decide how to position your account. 

Continuous Improvement 

We are continuously working to provide you with better ways to build your cryptocurrency portfolio by notifying you of short term opportunities or identifying long term trends. We are always looking to the future of cryptocurrency for our clients. With our clients' interests in mind, we have implemented an agile based framework focused on continuous development of better data analytics tools. Our development framework focuses on a variety of time windows and indicators in order to develop algorithms for a variety of portfolio approaches and styles.

Reporting Transparency

We provide our backtesting results to those interested in our platform. By reporting our findings transparently, we provide our clients with all the information they need to choose an algorithm or algorithms to help provide better decision making in cryptocurrency markets. We do not modify our results in any way and only show the true results of our backtesting.