Algorithm Backtesting Results

All of the backtesting uses pricing data from Coinbase and uses the 0.1% fee per trade structure offered by Binance.US. Each algorithm uses 100% of the initial capital and any profits or losses from previous trades for every trade executed in the backtesting. 

Cryptocurrency  Cryptocurrency Pair Algorithm
Bitcoin BTCUSD Janus
Ethereum ETHUSD Janus
Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD Janus
Chainlink LINKUSD Janus
Litecoin LTCUSD Janus
Tezos XTZUSD Janus
Bitcoin BTCUSD Free Algorithm
Ethereum ETHUSD Free Algorithm
Litecoin LTCUSD Free Algorithm


Below are the quarterly performance results of the algorithms we offer. 

Quarter and Year Premium Algorithms Free Algorithms
Q4 2020 Premium Results Free Results