Getting Started with Luna Vulcan Alerts

Free Alerts

Our free alerts are a great option to get to know Luna Vulcan Alerts. Free alerts are provided for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum which are three of the top traded cryptocurrencies. With no charge to you, you will receive alerts when our long-term algorithm enters or exits an uptrend. If you are just getting started with cryptocurrencies or are more comfortable holding assets long-term, join our free alerts which will be sent straight to you email. In the initial email, you will be notified what the last action the algorithm took. For example, as of November 18th, the last action of the algorithm was entering an uptrend on October 18th.  Our free alerts use an algorithm that analyzes weekly candle sticks, or data points. After all the data for the week comes in, the algorithm looks at the data and uses it to decide if the criteria of the algorithm is met for and entrance or exit of an uptrend. 


SMS and Email Alerts

For more sophisticated traders, we offer SMS and email alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS.IO, and Chainlink. These alerts use daily candle sticks to analyze if the algorithm has identified an entrance or exit of an uptrend. These alerts happen more frequently compared to the free alerts. If you would like to trade more frequently, these alerts would better suit your needs. When you buy these alerts, a confirmation email or text will be sent to you letting you know the last action the algorithm took similar to the free alerts. Instead of buying a package for alerts on coins you don't trade, you are able to add each coin individually which allows you to customize your alerts to fit your needs. 


Our a le carte alerts allow you to combine free and paid alerts. If you are just starting with Litecoin and are a frequent Bitcoin trader, consider signing up for the free Litecoin alerts and a paid Bitcoin alert. Whether you're adding a tool to your tool belt or getting to know the cryptocurrency world, Luna Vulcan has a tool for you.


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