Protection from Bitcoin Volatility

When Elon Musk tweets to buy Dogecoin, Ethereum cracks $4000, and the crypto market goes up almost everyday the investor never needs advice or protection. The cryptocurrency world is great until it is not. Today is the perfect example of why subscribing to a signaling service is so important to help protect people for “unforeseen” volatility in Bitcoin. If you would have been a subscriber to the Janus algorithm for Bitcoin, you would have been notified on May 14th at 1 a.m. that the Bitcoin/USD pairing algorithm has entered a downtrend while the price was roughly $49,000 a coin. 

 BTC signal

At the low this morning, BTC hit $30,000 down over $19,000 from last Thursday and thus saving our subscribers a potential downtrend of over 38% for the closing price of BTC from last Wednesday. When you are investing or trading a volatile asset class, it pays to “hedge your bet” and protect your portfolio.

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