Tezos Continues to Gain Acceptance and Increase in Value

One of the “up and coming” crypto currencies in the world is Tezos.  The platform was created by a husband and wife team from MIT in 2018 and now has a market value over $4 billion USD.  Tezos was specifically designed to support and facilitate complicated contract development and compliance.

One of the unique features originally build into the blockchain platform was a feature called “baking”.  Baking is based on “proof of stake” verse “proof of work” used for Bitcoin and Etherum.  Proof of stake randomly “checks” the blockchain to validate the distributed compute work and transactions encryption.  

Tezos is gaining value and wider adoption for contract compliance and is being supported by large institutions including the Formula 1 racing teams of Red Bull, McLaren, banks like Swiss Bank InCore and billionaire investors like Tim Draper.  

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